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Tooth Extraction Specialist in Stafford TX

A tooth extraction is a process that removes a tooth from its socket in the gum. It is often performed by a dentist. If there are no other options to save the tooth, the dentist may need to remove the tooth. Contact Smile Dental in Stafford, TX for tooth extraction. We are conveniently located at 738 FM 1092 Rd, Stafford, TX 77477. For more information, call us or schedule an appointment online.

Tooth Extraction Specialist Near Me in Stafford, TX
Tooth Extraction Specialist Near Me in Stafford, TX

Table of Contents:

What are signs that you may need a tooth extraction?
How do you prepare for tooth extractions?
What aftercare is there for tooth extractions?
How much does tooth extraction cost?

When experiencing dental issues, dentists will exhaust every treatment necessary before resorting to removing the tooth or teeth causing the problems. The surgical removal of a tooth or teeth is known as tooth extraction and is performed in many different situations, such as overcrowded teeth, severely damaged or infected teeth, or teeth beyond a state of repair.

What are signs that you may need a tooth extraction?

There are several different dental situations that can necessitate a tooth extraction, including:

• Crowding
• Gum disease
• Impacted wisdom teeth
• Severe tooth decay
• A broken tooth that cannot be repaired
• Pain in jawbone or gums
• Bad breath (halitosis) that cannot be explained
• Bleeding, swelling, and sensitivity in teeth
• Pain in jaw, mouth, and neck
• Headaches that seem to originate from the jaw
• Loose teeth

How do you prepare for tooth extractions?

Tooth extraction can be a stressful experience, so it is important to prepare for the procedure in order to make it go as smoothly as possible. Some recommendations may include:

Ask Questions — If a question about the procedure comes to mind, ask the dentist. Staying engaged throughout the procedure can help to ease through the process and can also help to relieve any stress about the extraction.
Complete Medical History — Before the procedure, it is important to share a full and comprehensive medical history, especially if it includes:
– History of bacterial endocarditis
– Congenital heart defect
– Any mechanical or bio heart valves
– Liver disease
– Artificial joint replacements
– Impaired immune system
– The aforementioned conditions can increase an individual’s susceptibility to infections. In addition to this, it is vital to include a complete list of current medications to avoid any possible drug contraindications.
No Eating Before the Surgery — In most cases, patients should avoid eating anything for 12 hours before the surgery as it can help prevent nausea during and after the procedure. Another important consideration is to avoid smoking for 12 hours before the procedure and 24 hours after the procedure. Smoking after the procedure slows down the healing process and increases the risk of “dry socket,” a serious condition requiring immediate medical attention.
• Organize Transportation and Care — After the procedure, the patient will not be able to drive home, so it is imperative to arrange a ride home, either through a friend, family member, or taxi.
What to Wear — It is important to dress comfortably for the procedure, wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. Other things to keep in mind:
– No jewelry
– Avoid contact lenses
– No lipstick
– Avoid perfumes and body sprays
– Pull hair away from the face

What aftercare is there for tooth extractions?

Aftercare instructions for a tooth extraction include:

• Eat soft foods
• Avoid forcibly spitting, rinsing out the mouth, or drinking through straws, as these things can lead to dry socket, an extremely painful complication of tooth extractions
• Take it easy for a few days
• When lying down, elevate your head with a pillow
• Avoid brushing the extraction site
• Take painkillers as directed by a dental provider

Contact the dentist who performed the procedure right away if any signs of infection occur after the extraction:

• Shortness of breath or chest pain
• Severe bleeding or swelling
• Fever or chills
• Nausea or vomiting

How much does tooth extraction cost?

The cost of a tooth extraction depends on several factors, including if it is a simple or surgical extraction, where the tooth is located, and if insurance covers any of the costs. In most cases, a simple extraction costs around $150 to $300, whereas a surgical extraction can run anywhere from $250 to $2,300.

At Smile Dental, we are dedicated to providing you with all of your tooth extraction needs. Our dental professionals are experienced at performing tooth extractions and can help you improve the health of your teeth. Call us today to book an appointment for tooth extraction, or visit our clinic in Stafford, Texas today! We serve patients from Stafford TX, Meadows Place TX, Missouri City TX, Sugar Land TX, Fifth Street TX, Dewalt TX, and Trammels TX. We look forward to serving you!