Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures Specialist in Stafford, TX

A partial denture is a removable, natural-looking dental treatment that replaces one or more missing teeth to help restore the appearance and function of your jaw. If you have missed your few teeth, then contact Smile Dental in Stafford, TX and get treated by our specialists. We are conveniently located at 738 FM 1092 Rd, Stafford, TX 77477. For more information, please call us or schedule an appointment online.

Partial Dentures Specialist Near Me in Stafford TX
Partial Dentures Specialist Near Me in Stafford TX

Table of Contents:

What are partial dentures?
Why would I need partial dentures?
What types of partial dentures are there?
What is the benefit of having partial dentures?

We are all familiar with dentures: artificial, removable teeth that often accompany old age. In many cases, dentures replace a full set of teeth, but there are also partial dentures that replace only a few teeth. These artificial teeth, like their full-set counterparts, are most often designed to be removable, which makes them easier to clean.

What are partial dentures?

Partial dentures are artificial replacement teeth that restore a few missing teeth, instead of replacing all teeth such as in full dentures. Partial dentures replace a few missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw and are often necessary if teeth are lost due to:

• Severe tooth decay
• Periodontal disease (advanced gum disease)
• A facial or jaw injury
• Tooth extraction
• Poor dental care and natural aging

This type of denture is typically removable, which consists of false teeth, a gum-colored base, and clasps made of plastic or metal to adhere the artificial teeth to the natural ones. However, these dentures can also be permanent.

Why would I need partial dentures?

There are many reasons why people opt to get partial dentures, the most common being:

• Missing tooth or teeth
• Unsightly gaps in teeth (not aesthetic)
• Embarrassment/self-esteem problems
• Difficulty chewing properly
• Teeth pain and aching jaws
• Loss of bone and support for muscles
• Speech problems

What types of partial dentures are there?

There are five main types of partial dentures that fall into two distinct categories: removable and fixed.

• Removable Partial Dentures — These include three types:

– Cast Metal Framework Removable Partial Dentures, the most common type of partial dentures supporting high-quality replacement teeth and using precision attachments for enhanced aesthetics.  
– Acrylic Clasp Removable Partial Dentures, the least expensive of the partial dentures, acrylic clasps are less effective than the cast metal.
Flexible Partial Dentures, fit comfortably in the mouth and are less noticeable with gum-colored clasps.

• Fixed Partial Dentures — These include two types:

– Fixed Bridge, typically used for people with one or two missing teeth and remain in the mouth at all times.
– Implant-Supported Fixed Bridge, uses small posts composed of biocompatible titanium that are permanently placed in the mouth. Can last a lifetime.

What is the benefit of having partial dentures?

There are many benefits of partial dentures:

Less Invasive — Partial dentures do not require invasive techniques such as surgery to replace missing teeth. Once they are fitted, they easily pop in and out, providing a replacement tooth (or teeth) as needed.

Budget Friendly — Replacing teeth is never a cheap procedure, however partial dentures are much more affordable when compared to other tooth replacement options.

Maintain Gum and Teeth Health — Having missing teeth and not replacing them can lead to a weakened jaw, a misaligned bite, and other oral health problems. Partial dentures make it easier to keep the gums and teeth healthier in the long run.

Long Term & Temporary Fix — These dentures are versatile and can be used as a temporary fix, as well as a long-term, more permanent solution.

Can Replace One or More Missing Teeth — Whether replacing one tooth or five, partial dentures can do it all. Depending on the type of material the dentures are made of, more teeth can be added down the road if more original teeth go missing.

Different Options to Choose From — There are three types of partial dentures to choose from: Metal, the most common type; Plastic, the most affordable and easiest to adjust; and Flexible, a lightweight and natural-looking option.

Smile Dental is dedicated to providing you with all of your partial denture needs. Our dental professionals are experienced providers of partial dentures and can help you fill in your smile with natural-looking teeth. Call us today to book an appointment for partial dentures, or visit our clinic in Stafford, Texas today! We serve patients from Stafford TX, Meadows Place TX, Missouri City TX, Sugar Land TX, Fifth Street TX, Dewalt TX, and Trammels TX. We look forward to serving you.